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EUROPOR K depth filter sheets are developed to meet exceeding requirements in the filtration of beverages.

ConFerm Yeast

ConFerm yeast is a highly active dry active yeast for alcoholic fermentation.


BECOPAD is a new, mineral-free depth filtration system for a wide range of applications, including coarse and sterile filtration.


The character of a wine/fruit wine is determined by a multi-factorial interaction of grape type, fruit, climate, location, microbiology and winemaking technology.

Filtration Systems

The implementation of process engineering concepts and client-specific filtration tasks for clarification, fine and sterile filtration applications.

Bevitas - your reliable partner!

Together with our international partners we provide primarily for the segments of food & beverage and chemical/pharmaceutical, a comprehensive selection of products for the filtration and beverage treatment.

Our activities are focused on the success of our satisfied customers.

Therefore, the selection of our products and services is corresponds to the highest quality standards.

We look forward to your challenge!

Your Bevitas team.

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